Is your dog scratching more recently?  Particularly during spring and summer time, there are a whole set of allergies that can irritate your dog internally and externally.  But there could also be a chance that your dog has fleas. 

Fleas are small insects – barely detected if you aren’t specifically looking for them – that feed off of blood.  Fleas tend to first hitch a ride on pets that go outside, such as dogs, but can just as easily find their way onto people.  They reside in humid places, such as trees, shrubs, and tall grass.  Once they find a host, fleas lay eggs and quickly multiply, meaning a fast invasion of your space.  These little pests are known for causing skin irritations, but they also can be carriers of disease for you or your pets; so it’s important to act fast. 

What can you do to get ahead of a potential flea problem?  Flea and tick medications are a common treatment that pet owners will use during any warmer months – consult with your vet for the proper medications to use on your pets.  Eliminating overgrown areas of vegetation outside will dramatically decrease the risk of fleas.  Many pest control services also offer area-wide flea control spray that can go a long way, particularly for homes surrounded by wooded areas. 

Think you have a flea infestation? Don’t wait to take action – contact your pest control company immediately. Don’t have one?  Give us a call, we’re happy to lend a hand!