Spring is back and in full swing!  Trees and flowers are blooming, the temperatures are rising, and the gray skies are clearing! After the long winter months, it’s impossible to stay indoors.  However, those lovely warmer temperatures also mean … pests. 

Just like spring cleaning your home, spring is a crucial time to take active steps against pests and keep your home protected.  Many typical home maintenance projects are a great place to start: maintaining your lawn, prepping your garden, managing any overgrown trees or bushes; eliminating any areas that rodents or bugs can hide close to your home.  Additionally, be sure to keep your indoor and outdoor areas clean – trash and compost, if not disposed of properly, can be a huge draw for pests of all shapes and sizes.

Some common pests to keep an eye out for this spring: termites, mice, ants, stinging insects, fleas, and ticks.

While several of these pests are lurking year-round, they become more active during the warmer seasons, ready to wreak havoc if given the chance.