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Eco-Friendly Services To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

At EcoPro Termite & Pest, we believe in providing you with options that meet your needs. In addition to our effective conventional pest control methods, we offer the most effective eco-friendly alternatives available. Protect your home, your family, and the environment with our eco-friendly pest control treatment options.

Pet Safe Options

Pest Control the Old Fashioned Way

In times gone past it was common to grow herbs like mint, basil, lavender, and rosemary along with plants such as Chrysanthemums, Lemongrass, Clover, Eucalyptus, Marigolds and Petunias in your garden and use them to deter the bugs and pests you wanted to keep at bay. We believe in using those same plants and herbs to prevent today’s bugs from invading your home or business.

The Eco Friendly chemicals we use are based on these same plants and herbs and are applied using a B&G tank sprayer that is exclusively used for our ecofriendly products and identified by its bright green color to prevent any accidental cross contamination.

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control is Safer for Pets

Dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, and fish can be impacted using traditional pesticides. Larger dogs and cats can ingest or be exposed to pesticides resulting in serious illness and even death. Even if your pet doesn’t directly ingest a pesticide, they may be poisoned should they consume a targeted pest or rodent that consumed rodenticide.

Other smaller common pets like guinea pigs, rats, lizards, snakes, and fish are all extremely sensitive to pesticides and even the smallest amount of exposure can have serious effects.


The Gentle Alternative

Eco-friendly pest control brings a more holistic approach to managing annoying pests while at the same time minimizing negative impacts on the environment and the health of your family and home. The ideal alternative for homes with younger children, or those with chemical allergies. The goal is to manage your pests effectively without compromising the quality of your treatment.
Using chemicals made from plants that are harmless to occupants and pets alike, repelling, trapping, and eradicating the pests you want targeted at. 
Natural pest control prioritizes the safety of your family and pets and can be used to target most pests from ants and spiders, mites, beetles, silverfish, cockroaches, stinging insects, even bedbugs!
We offer a choice for safer rodent control using sticky pads. If bait stations are required, a special bait is used that does not have a secondary kill should the dead mouse be eaten by an owl or your family pet.

Eco-Friendly Termite Treatments


If you have termites and are concerned with chemicals in the ground around your home, we offer an environmentally safe alternative for your termite control.

Trelona ATBS inground contained baiting stations. Trelona is safe to use around children, pets and water wells. The termiticide is contained in a cartridge that is placed inside the station. The termites are attracted to the station where they eat the termiticide and take it back to the colony. The bait in the cartridge remains stable and does not transfer to the ground around it or get washed out of the cartridge during heavy rains.

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More About Trelona

The in ground station installation is quick and generally noninvasive. These stations are designed to be installed around the exterior within 20 feet of each other and within 4 feet of the structure. Our technician may do a spot treatment inside the home using Termidor foam in areas that have suspicious activity. The termiticide in the Trelona stations goes to work affecting the termite colony within eight to ten days.

After the initial service, our technician will return every three months for the first year checking all the bait stations for termite activity to ensure that they are working as intended and to replenish the bait cartridges as necessary.
At the end of the year the stations are checked for damage and the initial cartridges are removed and replaced with fresh cartridges that are rated for annual inspection and replacement.

The Trelona baiting system does require annual upkeep to maintain a viable defense against further termite infestations.

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EcoPro 100% Service Guarantee

When you trust us enough to treat your home, we appreciate that trust. As a local family-run company, we are committed to providing the highest levels of service to our customers. We guarantee all our work and its effectiveness. If pests return between scheduled visits, we will return free of charge and take care of the problem. It’s what we do!

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