termites in a crawlspace

You know the feeling – you’re out in the garden, happily digging around, and suddenly you realize you’ve got some unexpected company! Whether it’s a worm, spider, or any type of pest, areas like mulch trap heat and moisture to the ground making it an appealing spot for particular bugs to inhabit… including termites.  

Termites feed on the cellulose in wood, making mulch a potential for their next meal. Since most mulch is up against a home or near a foundation, it’s good to ensure you are properly treating your home for termites with pest control (bait systems or chemical sprays).  You can also take preventative steps by picking mulch that is less appealing to termites.

Certain mulch can help slow the progression of termites or even deter them. Two good options are cedar mulch and cypress heartwood mulch. Termites don’t particularly enjoy cedar, so they are less inclined to feast on this type of mulch compared to others. Cypress heartwood mulch contains anti-fungal properties that are a deterrent to termites, and conveniently other pests.

Should you be unlucky and find termites foraging in your new mulch, give us a call and we can spray it for you before the termites get into your house.