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Friendly Pest Control In Springfield, OH

EcoPro Inspecting Ohio since 1989

Springfield is home to a historic community, a diverse resident population, and plenty of exciting activities that residents can take advantage of daily. Many residents move to Springfield to settle down and retire in the welcoming community, open small businesses, or raise families in a relatively safe and friendly area. However, pest problems may plague Springfield homes and businesses from time to time, making professional Springfield pest control a necessity for residents.

If you want to protect your Springfield home or business from pests, look no further than EcoPro Termite & Pest. Our team is local, friendly, and dedicated to providing you with the best pest control solutions possible. We thoroughly inspect your property and tailor treatments to your exact pest control needs to ensure effective and long-lasting solutions.

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Residential Pest Control in Springfield

Dealing with pest invasions in your Springfield home is stressful and risky due to first-hand encounters with dangerous pests. Instead of attempting DIY pest control solutions that you might hit or miss and expose yourself to the risks of pest invaders, invest in the help of EcoPro Termite & Pest.

The residential pest control treatments that our technicians provide are always based on in-depth inspections of your home and tailored to your specific pest control needs. We take our time evaluating your property for pest issues and discussing your concerns with you, which allows us to ensure our pest control solutions are as effective as possible.

Contact us today to take advantage of our reliable home pest control services and start protecting your home.

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Commercial Pest Control in Springfield

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Any Springfield business owner will tell you that keeping their commercial property safe is essential to thriving as a business and maintaining a positive reputation in the community. An invasion of pests easily derails any success your Springfield business has due to the health issues and property damage they bring, not to mention their unsightly nature.

Commercial pest control services provided by EcoPro Termite & Pest are just the thing your property needs to stay safe from pests. We treat a variety of Springfield businesses, such as apartment buildings, medical centers, offices, restaurants and bars, hotels, churches, and educational facilities. We always tailor our treatment plans to your commercial property’s specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control solutions or to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Dangerous Are Ants Around My Dayton Property?

Though many individuals may think that ants in Dayton are nothing more than an annoying nuisance, this pest is actually quite dangerous once they invade your property. All species of ant track bacteria and pathogens into human structures, and illnesses like salmonella are often caused by these pests’ scavenging activities. Furthermore, ant bites can be itchy, painful, or even trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

If you want to keep ants out of your Dayton property and ensure that the dangers of this pest are far away, you can follow our easy ant prevention tips below.

  • Seal up potential ant entry points like the gaps around windows, doors, and your property’s foundation.
  • Totally ant and pest-proof your property by repairing broken window and door screens and adding weather stripping around windows and doors.
  • Make sure all leftover food is sealed properly, and consider using airtight containers in food storage areas to make it harder for ants to invade.
  • Never leave out food or drink spills or dirty dishes, as the aroma of these items often attracts hungry ants.
  • Ensure all trash bags are sealed tightly and dispose of waste promptly so the odor doesn’t attract ants.
  • Use trash cans with tight-fitting lids outdoors to prevent ant scavenging.

For more information on ant prevention or assistance removing an active infestation of ants from your Dayton property, contact EcoPro Termite & Pest today.

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Why Dayton Residents Shouldn’t Try to Handle Termite Problems on Their Own

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When it comes to termite problems around your Dayton property, it’s important not to try and combat these insect invaders alone. Not only are DIY termite treatments often less than effective, but attempting termite removal alone without proper equipment and know-how can prolong the termite problems that you’re experiencing.

Additionally, termites are dangerous insects to be hosting around your property. Infestations of this pest can quickly grow out of control and invade the hardest-to-reach areas of your property; improper treatment leaves termites behind and almost guarantees that you’ll have reoccurring termite issues.

Instead of handling termite problems alone, reach out to EcoPro Termite & Pest at the first signs of this insect. Our expert technicians will inspect your property for termite issues and then provide tailored Termidor solutions based on your property’s specific infestation situation.

Contact us today to get started.