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Friendly Pest Control in Troy, OH


As the county seat of Miami County, Ohio, located north of the Dayton metropolitan area, Troy is an area of the Midwest that sees a lot of people traveling through. This proximity to urban centers and key travel routes has bolstered our local economy and development, but human growth invites pest populations, too.

Local homeowners and business owners need to know how to prevent pests on their property with pest control in Troy that keeps destructive and dangerous pests out. With help from EcoPro Termite & Pest, the pest control process couldn’t be simpler.

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Residential Pest Control in Troy

Even if you’ve never noticed pests around your home, chances are a population has formed or will form eventually. Pests are drawn to our properties by the food and water sources and hiding places they can find in our yards or inside our homes. If you wait until a pest problem is noticeable before you act, you risk exposing your property to the damage and diseases that many pests can cause.

Instead, turn to EcoPro Termite & Pest for residential pest control that protects your home in advance, preventing infestations from becoming this serious. We use this simple but effective process to help Troy homeowners solve their pest problems:

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    • Inspection: We begin by looking for signs of pest activity and evidence of an infestation. We also help take stock of factors that might be attracting pests to your home.
    • Treatment: Next, we’ll apply treatment methods that meet your needs and your budget. Our solutions are safe, effective, and guaranteed.
    • Follow Up: We always check back with you after our initial service visit to make sure the problem stays gone.

    It’s better to turn to the experts to keep your Troy property safe rather than waiting around for problems to form or trying to address them on your own. Contact EcoPro Termite & Pest today.

    Commercial Pest Control in Troy

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    Commercial properties have an even higher risk of pest issues than residential ones because extra human activity creates more of the factors that attract pest populations in the first place. Even businesses that aren’t storing and serving food can wind up with infestations that are disruptive and difficult to eliminate.

    That’s why EcoPro Termite & Pest helps local businesses prevent and deal with pest problems before they can disrupt their operations. Here are just some of the kinds of businesses we’ve helped in your area:

    • Food Service: Restaurants and bars are usually the properties we think of first and foremost when it comes to the risk of pests. Of course, all the food sources in these establishments can definitely attract pests, and the food service industry needs to be wary of contaminants.
    • Medical: Hospitals and doctor’s offices are another type of facility that has to worry about contamination and the health impacts pests can cause, which is why we specialize in treating these kinds of properties, too.
    • Hospitality: Hotels, motels, and resorts can all attract pests like bed bugs and rodents, which is why these establishments need to take commercial pest control seriously.

    Don’t sweat about pests threatening your Troy business ever again. Turn to EcoPro Termite & Pest today to get started on total commercial pest control.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Attracts Roaches into My Troy Home?

    Doing your best to limit the factors that attract pests to your home is one of the best things homeowners can do to prevent pest invasions. Where cockroaches are concerned, every home has features that are appealing to these nasty bugs.

    All types of cockroaches can be attracted to your home, even if you keep it clean and tidy. One of the biggest things that will draw roaches to your home is food sources, whether that’s scraps in your trash can or unwashed dishes in the sink. Cleaning up crumbs and spills can certainly help, but it’s just one of many steps you should take to reduce your risk of cockroaches. Cockroaches are also attracted to moisture, which is why they are often found in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements.

    To truly identify all the factors that may be increasing your risk of roaches, you need to get a detailed inspection from a pest professional. At EcoPro Termite & Pest, we can help you identify and address these factors—plus, we offer preventative treatments and removal services that ensure cockroaches never turn into a persistent problem. Get cockroach control for your Troy home today by turning to EcoPro Termite & Pest.

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    The Most Effective Ant Control for Your Troy Home

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    Ant populations are a common and persistent problem for homeowners that is impossible to avoid altogether and difficult to completely get rid of. While most ants are relatively harmless to people, all kinds of ant colonies can wind up contaminating your food or ruining your appetite by crawling around on your counters and trash bins. And some species of ants, like fire ants and carpenter ants, can pose the same threats that termites and wasps do.

    That’s why the best ant control in Troy comes from EcoPro Termite & Pest. We can inspect your home and yard for the early signs of ants before they become a pervasive problem that has formed underground or inside your walls. If ants colonies are developing, you can count on us to eliminate them with safe and effective treatments.

    This comprehensive approach is why professional pest control works better than just winging it with some DIY methods or leaving the problem to grow out of control. For effective ant control, trust EcoPro Termite & Pest.